Outsource HSE

Outsource HSE

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Why you should outsource your HSE Department?

Complying with health, safety and environmental regulations can be a huge stumbling block when it comes to cutting the overheads and ensuring business continuity. No matter which industry you belong to, this day in age every business is struggling with gross margin erosion and cost cutting. Companies take a lot of pain in selecting and hiring the right individual for HSE  and providing them a nurturing environment to grow within the organization, but as soon as the person leaves for another opportunity, the whole cycle starts again.

BSI, is here to help you handle this issue. Outsourcing your HSE department to BSI, will remove all your burden. BSI, will own and run your HSE department just like your own team.

Technical Expertise

HSE is a very technical field, a way more than just making your workers wear safety shoes and helmet. This day in age with a rapid change in the market need and global legislative requirements, its extremely difficult to find a diversified and competent resource in a technical field like HSE who has knowledge of all diversified branches of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.

BSI, brings with it a pool of very experienced subject matter specialists, who helps you individually in every branch of HSE you need.

Long Term Assistance

Often, contracted companies will work with a client on a specific project or product, but BSI is here to provide continual consultation and support, over a longer period of time.

We are working with our clients to support and build the capability unless they feel they are capable of handling their crucial safety issues themselves.

We work with our clients just like their own team, we own the accountability and responsibility we owe to our clients.

International Expertise

Your HSE resource may be the best for your local market, but once you decide to expand your operations to another market, you surely need team of experts to help you understand the applicable global rules and laws. There you need a company like BSI, to help you, instantly – without you having to make another expensive hire.

BSI, has a pool of senior professionals who can help you understand the global legal laws of Safety to export your products and expand your business.