Cultural Transformation Solutions

Cultural Transformation Solutions

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 What is Safety Culture?

How well a positive mindset and behavior towards safety has been inculcated in the daily routine of workers at a work place, defines how safe is the work environment. Safety Culture is the representation of safe or unsafe behavior and attitude workers share during execution of their duties at their workplace.

Organizational Culture & Safety Culture

Studies have found that workplace related disasters are a result of a breakdown in an organization’s policies and procedures that were established to deal with safety, and that the breakdown flows from inadequate attention being paid to safety issues. A good safety culture can be promoted by senior management commitment to safety, realistic practices for handling hazards, continuous organisational learning, and care and concern for hazards shared across the workforce. An organisation’s culture can have as big an influence on safety outcomes as the safety management system. ‘Safety culture’ is a subset of the overall company culture.

What is Cultural Transformation?

Cultural transformation or behavior based safety is not an objective you can achieve in a class room training or by making a paper based system. Cultural and behavior changes are psychological transformations of organizations. These changes are like planting a tree, you need to sow the seeds and then take care of it with patience to enjoy the benefits. Behavior Based Safety Programs need Commitment, Patience and Time to inculcate in the organizational culture.

Business Services International (BSI) is the only company in Pakistan which is currently working on industrial cultural transformations. BSI has seasoned professionals coming from world’s renowned multinational companies with hands on experience in behavior based safety and cultural transformation solutions. Our Behavior Based Safety program is unique and has won the global innovation award at one of the world’s leading multinational firm as Best Behavior Based Safety System. It has proven track record of culture and mind set change of industrial staff at all levels.

How does this work?

Our cultural transformation program works on the concept of famous PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle. It has three phases. We start by assessment of your workplace and understanding of the current practices, behaviors and systems. Our program follows a step by step approach:

      1. Facility Assessment, Expectations, Objectives & KPI alignment
      2. Site HSE Master Plan Formation
        • Required systems, policies and programs
        • Trainings, basic as well as technical
        • Engagement programs and campaigns
      3. Auditing of the Program, Monitoring, tweaking & Re-alignment
        • KPIs Monitoring
        • Objective Vs. Achieved Assessment

Performance Monitoring

This project is implemented in coordination with the site team. There is monthly and quarterly review with site HSE team, operations team and senior management to monitor the performance of the system and gauge the committed vs. achieved.

Timeline & Cost

Each client is different and each site has its specific needs.According to our experience the cultural program we implement start showing its presence within first 6-8 months of the launch, but it varies from site to site. The client must keep an estimate of 18-24 months to see the sustainable results.
Project cost depends on a lot of factors. We are unable to share an exact amount or cost idea here. We recommend an assessment of the facility to get a better cost or investment idea.